Short film for Oui Hours. Featured on

Our country girl. Is she dreaming of marriage or running away from it? Copy: The Country girl. Josh Holz directs a short take on OH's very independent country girl.  Shot on the Holz farm in upstate New York,  our bride's indecision is captured by the tune I'm Just A Girl sung by the late, great, bawdy singer Sophie Tucker.


Super 8mm, short narrative for CineSpace 2016.

A film by Josh Holz
Man: Nick Tucker
Women: Lydia Horne
Narration: Hayley Wheelwright
Special thanks to Jennifer Holz and Peter Shellenberger

Winter Story

University of Vermont thesis film (narrative, 18m).


VIEWFINDER is a short narrative starring Anna Ffrench and Kyle Gerry. A woman appears in the viewfinder of a photographer's camera. Who is she?